Linear guides

Linear Guides

Series H01 Linear Guides are compact guide units with integrated ball bearings or plain bushings, for operating LinMot P01 linear motors with standard or heavy duty sliders.

Series B01 bridge guides are compact guide units with integrated ball bearings or plain bushings, for operating LinMot P01 linear motors with high-clearance sliders. The rear end plate increases the mechanical stiffness of the bridge guide.

H01 and B01 Linear Guides are used as load bearings, to resist external forces, rotational and bending moments, and as an anti-rotation device.
They provide high-precision guidance and allow dynamic and precise positioning of the load.
The load is mounted directly to the front plate of the linear guide. Mechanical dimensions and mounting options are compatible with pneumatic linear guides.
The modular design allows simple addition of accessories, such as a mechanical brake or magnetic spring, for load balancing in vertical applications.

Linear Module LM01 and BM01

Complete LM01/BM01 linear modules, consisting of a H01/B01 guide and P01 linear motor, are highly dynamic design components. Compact construction and free positioning have significant advantages, especially in textile and packaging machines, assembly and feeding technology, laboratory automation, and special machines and systems.

Ball Bearings

Use of linear guides with ball bearings is recommended for standard applications under normal environmental conditions.
Linear guides with ball bearings have very good running characteristics, and ensure nearly frictionless operation.

Sintered Bushings

For applications in very dirty, damp, or wet environments, the use of linear guides with plain bushings and stainless steel shafts is recommended.
For highly dynamic applications with accelerations over 50 m/s2, the use of linear modules with plain bushings is also recommended.

Brake Option

As an option, H01-37/B01-37 (600N Holding Force) and H01-48/B01-48 (1000N) guides can have a mechanical brake attached.
The pneumatic brake is controlled by the servo controller. The brake acts on the guide shafts of the linear guide, and is released under air pressure (4-6 bar). With no air pressure, the brake is on.

MagSpring Option

In vertical applications, a MagSpring can be used as a weight balancer.
The MagSpring also prevents the linear motor from falling to the lower end stop if the linear motor is turned off or the power is lost.
Appropriate accessories are available for mounting the magnetic spring.

Fan Option

With an additional fan, the holding force of the linear motor can be nearly doubled. If needed, the optional fan can be mounted directly on the guide.

Mechanical Compatibility

LinMot H01/B01 guides are mechanically compatible with pneumatic H-guides. This allows simple replacement with a new drive technology, if more flexibility or higher dynamics are required.

For more information about LinMot Industrial Linear Motors, see "General Data Book V15.pdf",