Linear-rotary motors

Linear-rotary motor LinRot

The new LinRot are linear motors designed for freely combinable linear-rotary motions. The integration of a linear motor together with a rotary direct drive in a compact housing results in a new design element for innovative machine builders.

As each motor is controlled by its own servo controller, high dynamic linear-rotary motion sequences, either synchronized to each other or completely independent can be realized in a simple way. 

As an innovative design element the PR01 can be used for complex motion tasks such as screwing, taping, closing, stacking, aligning and much more.

The PR01 actuator permits the linear force (pressure) as well as the torque (tightening torque) to be regulated independently and are available in a version with hollow shaft.

The rotary motor can reach up to 7,5Nm peak torque (3Nm RMS torque).
The maximal velocity is 2000RPM and the stroke of the linear motor is limited to 130mm.

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