LinMot accessories

Motor Accessories

An extensive array of accessories, tailored to LinMot P01 linear motors and compatible with the servo controllers, rounds out the LinMot Drive Systems product range.

LinMot's array of accessories designed for linear motors allows quick, simple implementation and startup of various tasks.
The original motor accessories, specially designed for LinMot, also ensure reliable and fault-free operation of the linear motors.
Motor Flanges

LinMot PF motor flanges allow simple and rapid mounting of LinMot P linear motors.
The clamp plate design allows rapid and simple mounting/ dismounting of linear motors, without removing the flange from the motor.
An appropriate flange, with the correct length, is available for each linear motor family.
This not only ensures secure mechanical mounting, but also guarantees optimal cooling of the linear motor.

The same flange is used for stators with cable exits or connector housings. The stator is secured in the flange with clamping screws, so that the stator is clamped over a large area.
When the stator is mounted, the maximum screw torque should be observed and not exceeded.
Clamping over a large area, practically across the entire length of the stator, as well as the cooling fins on the flange, ensure optimal cooling of the linear motor.

Depending on the application and installation space, the flanges can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
For horizontal installation, the flange is secured using screws in the through holes.
For vertical mounting, it is attached with Tnuts, using the T-slot on the narrow side of the flange.
Additional T-slots on the upper side of the flange allow accessories to be mounted easily.

Motor Cables

Motor cables are available for linear motors with the designation K, KS, and KR for stationary installation, installation in cable chains, and for robot applications. LinMot motor cables are available in all three versions as bulk goods, as a roll, or as a completely fabricated motor cable with a wide range of plug combinations and any desired length.
Standard lengths with the most common connector combinations are also available from stock.
A single motor cable is sufficient to connect the linear motor and servo controller.
It contains the motor phases and sensor signals from the position sensors integrated in the motor.
All LinMot motor cables have separate shielding for the motor phases and the sensor signals.
This special double shielding ensures fault-free operation of linear motors at up to 50m cable lengths.

Fabricated motor cables can be provided with any desired length up to 50m.
The motor cable is ordered in the desired length, together with the matching motor connectors (fabricated). Fabricated motor cables with the most commonly used connector combinations can be ordered from stock in standard lengths.

Fabricated motor cables from LinMot are manufactured exclusively with crimped contacts, and tested under 1500VDC prior to delivery.
Slider Mounts

Depending on the application, LinMot linear motors can be operated with a "moving slider" or "moving stator." Applications with short stroke ranges are preferably implemented with moving sliders; applications with long strokes are better with a moving stator.
In both cases, LinMot recommends the use of special mounting kits for mounting the slider, in order to avoid overdetermining the mount. In moving slider applications, the stator is mounted, and the slider is connected to a load that is guided by a linear guide.
In order to avoid alignment errors, the slider is attached to the load or guide using fixed bearings, each consisting of two rounded washers and two bevel washers.
In moving stator applications, the slider is mounted and the stator is attached to a linear guide, together with the load.
In order to avoid overdetermining the slider bearing, one end of the slider is mounted on a fixed bearing, and the other on a floating bearing.

The fixed bearing consists of two rounded washers and two bevel washers. It compensates for angular and axial deflection. The slider is mounted in a rubber ring as a floating bearing.

The floating bearing compensates for angular and axial displacement and length tolerance.


LinMot stators can be equipped with wipers as an option.

Wipers increase the duration of the maintenance interval, and allow simple re-lubrication using the integrated lube nipple and a grease gun.

The wipers also keep the slider free of grease or contaminants, and protect the stator from dirt.
External Position Sensor

Non-contacting measuring position sensors, using magnets with integrated processing electronics and differential encoder outputs for the E1100 series servo controllers.
Together with the MB01-1000 magnetic band , the MS01/D position sensor is part of a high-resolution, robust, linear measurement system.

IP67 protection class, not sensitive to dust, moisture, or dirt.

Highest precision, resolution of 0.001mm and system accuracy of +/- 0.01mm.

Allows high travel speeds of up to 3 m/s.
Power Supplies

T01 type transformer supplies and S01 switched-mode power supplies in modern industrial design, meets national, and international upcoming regulations. They were designed bearing following aspects in mind:

3 power classes for T01 : 72VDC/420VA, 900VA and 1500VA with different input voltage versions : 3x230/400/480VAC, 3x380/400/420VAC, 3x220/230/240VAC and 1x208/220/20/240VAC.

5 power classes for S01 : 24VDC/150W, 300W, 48VDC/150W, 300W, 600W and 72VDC/300W, 500W, 600W and 1000W with different input voltage versions: 1x90...132VAC/180...264VAC for 500W, 3x340...550VAC for 1000W and 1x93...123VAC/187...264VAC for the others.

For more information about LinMot Industrial Linear Motors, see "General Data Book V15.pdf",